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Weekend in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The lure of visiting a new country (#46) and an airfare deal way too good to pass up brought me to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Though I was battling a serious case of jet lag after three week’s work in the US, I chose to ignore my insomnia and follow my sense of adventure. A quick 2-hour flight […]

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My Journey to Commercial Pilotdom

“A good pilot is always learning” During my 8 years of flying as an FAA  private pilot, I tried my best to stick to this mantra. From flying my own plane every chance I got, to taking lots of Cirrus training, aerobatics training & even seaplane training, I was constantly learning, studying, practicing and, of […]

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The Start Of A New Blog

My name is TJ Shembekar and I travel the world. I’ve been to 46 countries (and counting), and with each new place I visit, I realize how much more there is to see. With 192 countries in the world (according to the UN) and a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that reaches out the […]

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